Work in Progress

Analysis Master
is the suite that maintains the information that provides full Work in Progress reporting. No action is normally needed from the user. WIP files are firstly automatically created by Ticket Master as the work tickets are generated. They are then updated automatically as coupons are wanded through the Labour Cost suite.

PWS understand that activity on the shop floor can sometimes result in the need to manually override information held on the WIP files. An update option allows any change to be made down to an individual opoeration within a single bundle within an order.The work in progress remains fully under the user's control.

A range of reports is available down to bundle level, with options to print by Order, Style, Customer or Date. Scrap or non-conforms is recorded. All reports can be printed or displayed, some graphically, for immediate viewing. A Rejects Report analyses that week's reject's by variety of options - giving a vital insight into where problems may be arising on the floor. Any bundle can also be tracked on the screen to see who did claim for work and on what date.


Examples of typical reports :-